Fellow spiritual sojourners,  

When I was growing up I was taught an “escapist” spirituality.  When I first decided to follow Jesus, I did so because I wanted to “escape” the fires of hell.  I was taught the goal of the Christian life was to leave this planet and “escape” to the glories of heaven.  In later adolescence, I thought my spirituality would help me “escape” my faults and the power they had over me.  At some point in time I picked up that my spirituality can help me “escape” the difficulties of life.  I suppose there might be some value in that type of spirituality, but at this moment, I’m not too sure.  What I am sure of now though is that the goal of the spiritual life is not to escape, but to connect.  The goal of the spiritual life is to connect with God, with others and with my very own self.

Jesus describes this spiritual life in John 15:1-11, which paints an image of union between God, Jesus and the community of faith.  In this passage Jesus says he is the true vine, God is the vinegrower and we are the branches.  Jesus invites us to abide in him and bear fruit.  Any branch can bear fruit as long as it remains connected with Jesus.

This fall we have journeyed together in our fall sermon series, Living A Spiritual Life.   As we’ve moved through this series we’ve discovered steps we can take to live a spiritual life.  Once we begin this journey, how do we continue to live a spiritual life?  How do we continue to be ever more in love with God and our neighbors?  How do we stay connected to God?  Well, I’d like to suggest we stay connected to God by doing spiritual practices one day at a time.  One of those practices we can do is prayer and meditation.  This Sunday I am looking forward to sharing with you one specific prayer and meditation practice that has helped me stay connected to God and live a spiritual life. 

See you on Sunday,

Pastor Dave