Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

Our scripture this Sunday is from Luke 22:14-27. In this passage Luke tells his version of the Last Supper.  In this Passover Meal celebrated by Jesus and his disciples, Jesus uses the setting of the Passover meal with his disciples to give them a lasting remembrance of the gifts God was offering through him to them and the world.  The Passover had been a celebration of God’s deliverance of Israel in the past.  The Jews observed the Passover to remember the day of their departure from the land of Egypt.  Now, Jesus creates a new ritual for his community of disciples.  A ritual that will be observed “in remembrance of me.”  A meal that will from this point forward point toward the fulfilment of God’s redemptive work in the kingdom.  How was God’s redemptive work accomplished?

God’s redemptive work was accomplished through the person of Jesus Christ.  It was accomplished through the work of Jesus.  Jesus was seeking to reveal the nature of his work to his disciples by giving them this meal, that they could remember him and what he did.  He speaks of the bread being his body that is given for you.  He speaks of the cup as the new covenant in his blood, which is poured out for you.  Jesus’  work was one of service.  Offering his life that each of us might have life in God.  And yet, the disciples seemed a little confused. 

Perhaps it was because Jesus had told them one of them was going to betray him.  And as they questioned each other about this, perhaps some of them started arguing who was going to be at the top of the mountain.  Who was going to be first?  Who was going to be greatest?  It’s as if they missed the message of the meal Jesus was leaving them to remember him by.  And so Jesus reminds them, “I am among you as one who serves.”  God’s redemptive work was accomplished through Jesus’ service.   Likewise, God’s redemptive work today is accomplished through Jesus working in and through the body of Christ, what we call the church.  How are we serving one another?  How are we serving the world?  Is God calling us to different kinds of service in the future?


Pastor Dave