Weekly Ponderings

September 2015

Blessed Are The Meek

Dear friends, It has been an exciting week in Philadelphia and throughout the Mid-Atlantic regions as the region has welcomed Pope Francis and as Philadelphia prepares to welcome him tomorrow and Sunday.  I am personally excited as my friend Derek and I are going to hear Pope Francis’ address on religious liberty and immigration tomorrow afternoon at Independence Hall.  To be in such an historic place and to hear this extraordinary man speak will be a moving and humbling...


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The Attitude of Lamentation

Last Sunday we began our sermon series on the Beatitudes. Through this series we are learning to develop the attitudes, the life perspectives that lead to the blessed life. You’ll recall the Beatitudes are not separate nuggets of wisdom like you might find in our culture, for example, "Stop and smell the roses" or "God helps those who help themselves." (Note: this last one is not in the Bible.) The Beatitudes are meant to be read together. James Howell writes, "If...


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Do We Turn the World Upside Down?

Dear fellow followers of Jesus, What do you hunger for?  In other words, what do you long for?  We all have longings and desires.  We usually believe if those longings and desires are satisfied, we will be happy, we will be content, we will be blessed.  Sometimes we are, but other times the happiness is short lived.  Or the longing or desire becomes greater and remain unfulfilled.  What do you hunger for?  Jesus says, “Blessed are those who hunger...


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