Weekly Ponderings

August 2015

Who May Abide in God's Sanctuary?

Dear friends, Psalm 15 opens with a question, “O Lord, who may abide in your sanctuary?  The sanctuary was the place where a person would encounter God, would experience intimacy with God.  So another way of asking this question is “who can experience God’s presence?” or “who can be in relationship with God?”  For some individuals the idea of being in relationship with God is hard to comprehend.  This difficulty might be due to them...


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God's Armor Available to You

Sisters and Brothers in Christ, The past two Sundays we’ve explored the Apostle Paul’s ethical exhortation to the church at Ephesus. In these passages Paul is instructing the Ephesians in how they shall now live in light of what God has done in the world. You’ll recall in the first three chapters of Ephesians, Paul declares what God has done through the gift of grace, found in Jesus Christ. In the last three chapters Paul exhorts them to live a life worthy of the calling...


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How Shall We Then Live?

Brothers and sisters in Christ, In his 1976 now classic and must read book, "How Should We Then Live" American Evangelical Philosopher, theologian and Presbyterian Pastor Francis Schaeffer traces the movement and development of Western thought and culture that has led to 20th century thinking. While his book was published almost forty years ago, it’s still highly relevant. He suggested that our society was like the declining Roman Empire. We have become lovers of affluence...


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