Weekly Ponderings

June 2015

All Brothers and Sisters Through Christ

Sisters and Brothers in Christ, Last Sunday we began our two week series on the importance of reading, studying and understanding the Bible in light of its historical / cultural and literary context.  We are using the book of Philemon to illustrate the importance of paying attention to these contexts.  As Reza Aslan mentioned in his appearance on the Daily Show and as others have noted you can make the Bible say anything you want.  That is true, but it’s only true if you...


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Grasping God's Word

Brothers and sisters in Christ, This Sunday is our annual All Church Picnic immediately after worship.  Please feel free to dress casual for worship, which of course one is always welcome to do whether it’s the annual All Church Picnic or not.  This Sunday is also a celebration of our Christian Education Ministry.  We will be recognizing teachers, facilitators as well as giving out scholarships from the Charles and Jeannette Scholarship Fund.  Worship will be at...


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Speaking of Sin

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, In her book “Speaking of Sin: The Lost Language of Salvation” Episcopal Priest Barbara Brown Taylor tells the tale of an Eskimo hunter who went to see the local missionary who had been preaching in his village.  The hunter asked the missionary, “If I did not know about God and sin, would I go to hell?” “No,” the missionary replied.  “Then why,” asked the hunter, “did you tell...


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