Weekly Ponderings

May 2015

Filled with Awe

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,  Before I share my pondering for this coming Sunday, I want to remind everyone that tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. at our church we will have a Memorial Service for Elsie McShea with her family and friends.  While I never had the privilege of meeting Elsie, I have heard enough stories to know she was a wonderful woman of God.   When I was growing up in the 1980’s the word “awesome” became ubiquitous in its usage....


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Being an Advocate

Sisters and Brothers in Christ, One of the great characteristics of our faith community is the number of individuals who have the gift of teaching. One of those individuals is Mr. Stan Cramer.  Stan is a professor at West Chester University.  Over the past few years he has shared his teaching gift with us at BCWC as well.  Over the past few weeks he’s been leading a class about Our Neighborhood.  He’s led us in discussions about what it means to be neighborly...


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Our Fair Share

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Have you ever experienced or observed the following.  A group of friends go out to dinner at a restaurant.  When the server delivers the bill to the table, the group spends an inordinate amount of time determining how much each person owes.  Perhaps the group wants to make sure everyone pays the exact amount they owe or perhaps a member in the group is worried about paying more than “their fair share.”   Now contrast that...


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Joyful and Abundant Living

Sisters and Brothers in Christ, Last Sunday we felt God move through our congregation in so many ways.  From hearing Amanda Gilbert share how her participation in our church has affected her life, to the songs we sung, to students leading us in worship, to communion, to sharing that our Youth Director, Zach Wooten, will be leaving us at the end of June in response to a new call, to celebrating Frank and Mary Sanders, we experienced many “God Sightings.”  As I think...


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When Faced With Opposing "Isms" to the Gospel

Brothers and Sisters, This Sunday we have the opportunity to join together in a few celebrations.  First, during our worship service, we’ll have a chance to hear and celebrate what God is doing through our college ministry.  Second, we will celebrate the Lord’s Supper together.  Finally, after our worship service, we’ll have an opportunity to celebrate Frank and Mary Sanders.  Frank and Mary are both in their 90’s and have been married over 70...


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