Weekly Ponderings

April 2015

Living Faithfully in the Present

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, This past Wednesday was the 45th anniversary of Earth Day.  I am wondering if any of us took a moment to celebrate Earth Day?  If so, how?  For those who do not know the history of Earth Day.  Earth day began in 1970 in response to the massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, CA.  The idea for Earth Day came from Gaylord Nelson, then a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin.  He had witnessed the ravages of the oil spill in Santa...


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The Power of Naming

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Have you ever thought about the inherent power of naming?  The action of naming someone or something is filled with power.  For example, the names we give to others or project on to them greatly influences not only them, but also our interaction with them.  An example of this is the story of Margaret as found in the book Messy Spirituality referenced by Rob Fuquay in his book The God We Can Know. (p79-80)  Margaret carried the wounds...


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Do You Believe This?

Dear fellow sojourners on this journey, I hope this pondering finds you well this Holy Week.  I pray you have had an opportunity this week to read, reflect and contemplate on the events of Jesus’ final week.  This evening we will gather in Lowry Hall for a simple meal followed by a service of prayer and contemplation.  On Easter Sunday at 6:30 a.m. we’ll keep vigil at Green Mount Cemetery as we encounter our risen Lord at our Sunrise Service, just as the women kept...


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