Weekly Ponderings

December 2014

Pastor Dave's e-ponderings 12/19/14

Dear Friends, As we approach the fourth Sunday in Advent, our anticipation and expectation grows.  We anticipate gathering with family and friends.  Children get excited about the prospects of Christmas morning.  Our expectation to encounter God’s presence once again in our lives through the Christ child in the manger grows.  The question I ponder as we wait is whether we will experience fulfillment come Christmas or whether we will experience disappointment. ...


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Where Will We Worship

Dear fellow Advent “conspirers”, As I write this pondering on Friday afternoon, my mind wonders to where the “gift of water” and “props” you received last week have traveled.  Did they travel to a prominent place in your home, inviting your guests to ask you questions?  Did they travel to your desk at work?  Did they travel to a local business?  Did you give your bottle away?  Are you well on your way to winning, like Joseph, that...


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