Weekly Ponderings

November 2016

Beginning our Advent Journey

Fellow sisters and brothers in Christ,   I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving surrounded by family and friends.  This Sunday is the first Sunday in Advent.  Advent is a time to prepare ourselves with great care to celebrate the birth of Jesus and to look forward to “The Day”, when God reigns over all the earth.  Advent literally means arrival.  During Advent we actively wait for the coming of Christ in our lives.  As we prepare ourselves to...


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From Escapism to Connectedness

Fellow spiritual sojourners,   When I was growing up I was taught an “escapist” spirituality.  When I first decided to follow Jesus, I did so because I wanted to “escape” the fires of hell.  I was taught the goal of the Christian life was to leave this planet and “escape” to the glories of heaven.  In later adolescence, I thought my spirituality would help me “escape” my faults and the power they had over me.  At some...


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Sharing the Story

Fellow followers of Jesus,   This fall we’ve been exploring how to live a spiritual life.  Last Sunday we learned that a spiritual life is not lived in isolation but in relationship with other people.  The stories of Zacchaeus and the copper nails taught us that saying “I’m sorry” and making restitution is one of the most important ways to live out our faith in God.   This Sunday we are exploring a second way we live our spiritual life with...


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Outrageous Good News

Fellow followers of Jesus,   Over the past seven Sundays, we’ve been on a journey together as pastor and people.  Like the younger brother in the Prodigal Son, it’s been a journey home, to God, to living a spiritual life.  Two Sundays ago we learned that when we confess our shortcomings and sins to God and another person, we begin to have a spiritual experience, we begin to live a spiritual life.  We continue living that spiritual life by casting our burdens...


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