Weekly Ponderings

January 2017

A purpose for Living Connected

I begin these ponderings by asking a few questions based upon last Sunday’s sermon. What kind of bait did you fish with this past week?  Was it better bait?  If you had to describe your life this past week as a work of art, what would it be? Last Sunday we explored how God wants to remold the lives of his followers so that others might come to know the love of God.  This is one reason we seek to live connected to God.  As God remolds us, others have an...


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Fishing with Better Bait

In last Sunday’s sermon I told Fred Craddock’s story of waking up one morning in a hotel room near Ocala, Florida, worried about the maid thinking he was not alone in the room the previous night because he had slept on both sides of the bed.  He went on to say, “if I care about what some unknown maid thinks, what about my friends, my peers?” I asked whether we let fear of what other people think of us affect what we do or say when it comes to sharing what God has...


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The promise of Patiently Waiting

As you probably know, this Monday, January 16th, is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  What you might not know is that for the past four years our church has partnered with St. Paul’s Baptist Church on Martin Luther King Day to cook and prepare mobile meals for home-bound and low-income folks in Greater West Chester.  Last year more than 275 meals were provided.  Volunteers are needed this Monday to fill bags and to deliver meals.  You can sign up here for this mobile meals...


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What does baptism mean?

Perhaps you have already seen the video of the young boy baptizing himself last fall.  The pastor is going long, as pastors can sometimes do, with his introductory words.  The pastor mentions how the young boy has waited a long time for this day.  But before the pastor can baptize him, the young boy dunks himself.  It’s a cute and funny video.  I am sure that the young boy as well as many people in that congregation will always remember it.  Do you...


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