Weekly Ponderings

January 2015


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I want to invite you to respond to two questions I was recently asked in an on-line coaching class.  1.  Name two people you know that others seem to be attracted to. 2.  What are some behaviors they display that you would like to possess?  As I thought about possible people, I identified two individuals who have served as mentors in Leanne’s and my life.  Some of their behaviors included: calmness, caring...


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How Far Have We Come?

Dear Sisters and brothers in Christ,   This upcoming Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. On this day we remember not only this civil-rights leader, but also other leaders and thousands of nameless individuals who served alongside Dr. King in the cause for justice. I say the cause for justice because for Dr. King, the cause for justice included but went beyond integration and civil rights. This might come as a surprise to some individuals since the dominant cultural narrative has...


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