Who We Are

When you walk through the doors of our building, you will encounter our church, the people of God.  We are a growing community of young and old, well-off and not-so-well-of, singles and families, college students and retirees, reaching out for Jesus.

While our worship style may not be fixed from week to week, the content of our worship is.  The content of our worship is the gospel.  We proclaim the gospel through our worship by celebrating God’s mighty deeds of salvation.  

Our mission at the Baptist Church of West Chester is transforming lives through Christ by building positive connections in a diverse community.

Our core values include Christ Centered Living, Unbiased Hospitality, Responsive Service, and Authentic Community.


Kids for Christ

Through the children's ministry (Kids For Christ) we try to lay the foundation for what it means to accept Jesus Christ into our lives and how to form a personal relationship with Him.  We do this through teaching Bible stories, music, media outlets, and fellowship activities.  Our hope and prayer is for our children to develop a curiosity and a desire to learn more about Jesus Christ that will continue to grow as they do.  Emily Jeffries is the Director of Children's Ministries.  Click to see her bio here - /leadership/180015415

Project Feedback

There are several ways you can get involved with Project Feedback this fall!


  • Jam For Good! / Help with making homemade jams that will be sold in the community throughout the fall, with all proceeds going to the West Chester Food Cupboard
  • Go to Highland Orchards / Our Praise Band will be playing at the Orchards and raising awareness about hunger and food insecurity in Chester County
  • Donate to the KFC Food Drive / Kids for Christ will be organizing their annual food drive for the WCFC
  • Give to our Christmas Offering, which will go towards purchasing fresh fruit and vegetables for the WCFC
  • Saturday Morning Breakfast + Sunday Lunch Programs / Volunteer your time as we prepare, serve, and share a meal with those in need

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